The Democratic women, who we help get elected to state office, have a better chance of becoming candidates for national offices in the future.

Campaign Strategy

Let’s get you to your WIN NUMBER! Crafting your pathway to victory can be overwhelming so we will break it down for you.  Establishing your goals, fine tuning your campaign strategy and defining your tactics will enable you to get across the finish line to victory.



We guide candidates to craft the right Fundraising plan. Creat a plan aligned with your values and policy objectives. We help you establish a fundraising calendar, set up a direct mail campaign and a digital grassroots plan.


Policy & Messaging

We help you create a strategy arc to your narrative; timing and the sequence of your message is key to your campaigns theme and conveying your  stance current policies. Together, we stay on top of your messaging consistently asking, who is the message for, voters, supports, volunteers, or donors.


We are focusing on Indiana State Legislative races

  • First, state legislatures make decisions that directly influence Hoosiers’ daily lives, like living wage jobs, high-quality, affordable childcare, equal pay for equal work, access to reproductive health care, paid maternity leave, maternal mortality, addressing the epidemic of sexual violence against women, climate change, and the quality of public education.

  • Second, state legislatures control political re-districting that will impact the fairness of future state and national elections.

  • Third, laws passed by our Republican super-majority legislature spread to other states and ultimately become national laws creating larger problems across the country.

  • The Democratic women who we help get elected to state office have a better chance of becoming candidates for national offices in the future.

Board of Directors

Debrah Chubb JD

Executive Director & Founder

A women’s rights advocate as a practicing attorney and non-profit leader for 27 years.

Mary Noone


Mary is a brand activator, digital strategist, and community connector turn political activists.

Alisa Jackson

Co-Vice Chair

Alisa brings than 30 yrs in Pharma-Biotech to Indiana WAM.

LaMicra Martin

Co-Vice Chair

LaMicra Martin has been working in health administration since 1998.

Sharlene Livesay


Sharlene is a financial management professional with almost 40 years of experience in Financial Services.

Hailey Bell


I am a Hoosier by birth and degree and a proactive young professional with wide-ranging policy-related experience.

Ellen Marks

Board Member

Ellen is a partner with Latham & Watkins LLP, a global law firm.

Jennifer Loudon

Board Member

Jennifer is a strategy and management consultant with over 25 years of experience in the government and nonprofit sectors.

Tonda Pauley

Board Member

Tonda Pauley currently serves as the State Vice President of the Indiana Democrat African American Caucus (IDAAC).

Kulsoom Tapal

Board Member

Kulsoom is a community organizer at heart. She recently graduated from Indiana.

Libby Moyer

Board Member

Libby Moyer grew up in rural Indiana before graduating summa cum laude from Butler.

Tammi Davis

Board Member

I am an action-oriented, compassionate, and dynamic Policy and Public Affairs executive.